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CCCG is a Brunswick County Water Damage Specialist

There are many kinds of water damage the Carolina Coast has to deal with on a regular basis, and devastating water damage could be closer than you think. If a pipe bursts in your home or office or sudden rains cause flash flooding, Hurricane or other storms in our area could all cause serious water damage. An immediate response is necessary to prevent irrevocable damage to the structures on your property. This is why our water damage mitigation team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When it is handled properly, home water damage repair can prevent thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in damage. If water is left to sit, mold and mildew damage is far more likely to occur to the structural elements of your building. Call us in right away to start the structural drying process and prevent costly, avoidable damages.


Rapid Response is Key to Successful Water Damage Recovery

Providing fast, experienced water remediation is the most important step in the water damage restoration process. Our IICRC-backed team leader is prepared to respond to emergency water damage and flood scenarios, any time day or night. Our years of experience have taught us the value of rapid deployment, which is why we can respond to most flood restoration jobs in  in under 120 minutes.

Despite our speed, we take great measures to make sure that each step of the damage restoration process is handled safely, effectively, and 100% up to code with IICRC s500 standards.

We Can Walk You Through The Water Restoration Process

Water restoration service starts with extracting all of the water from your home or business. This begins with working with your insurance company from start to finish.  This process includes using high suction wet dry vacuums, truck-based extraction units and industrial based dehumidifiers to remove both surface water and anything that has been absorbed into fabrics and wood. Once the water extraction is finished, we will remove any items that are not salvageable and replace them (carpet and padding are usually replaced). Other items are cleaned and hand dried by our specialist team. We replace and repair any structural elements that were damaged by the water including drywall. We then repaint the area, repair or replace the carpet and drapes and restore you personal items to their pre-disaster state.

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